Jihan is half-Syrian, half-Libyan and was raised in France and the United States. She received her BA in International and Comparative Politics with a concentration in Human Rights, Development, Philosophy, and International Law at the American University of Paris. She obtained her MA at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a focus on art education, storytelling, and healing arts. Jihan mainly paints and draws with acrylic, oil, ink, and charcoal, but is also experimenting with body painting and incorporating body movement in her work. She is committed to discovering and nurturing the different ways in which humanitarian aid and the healing arts merge, and how the creative process can be a vehicle for freedom and empowerment. Jihan is directing, writing, and producing her first film Searching For Kikhia (www.mansurkikhia.org).

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– “End Violence Against Women” UNHCR, Damascus, Syria – Dec 2010
– Curated male refugees’ art in support of the United Nation’s Violence Against Women Day
– “The Eye in Consciousness” Combes Gallery, Paris, France – April – June 2009

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